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3 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

For the average person, owning a home is the largest investment they will make.  For that reason, it is important not only to maintain the property, but to help it increase in value.  Since popular neighbourhoods and the economy are not within your control, you should look toward home improvements. Kitchen and Bath Speak with a realtor and you will learn that one of the ways to get the most return on your remodelling money is by tackling kitchens and baths.  Since these are the rooms that take the most traffic and highest use, they are areas that will take the most attention from potential purchasers. Renovations don’t necessarily need to happen all at once.  Start with updating any fixtures like faucets and lighting.  Look at the vanities and countertops.  Swapping out worn tops or Formica with granite makes a huge impact as does new backsplashes.  In the bath, sleek, modern toilets make the whole room seem refreshed. Exterior This is one time you really want to keep up with the neighbours.  It is important that the outside of your home look attractive.  This will keep up property values in the vicinity and show that you take an interest in the community. If [...]

Ottawa Home Renovations for Stairs

Your staircase should add beauty and grandeur to your home and be safe for your family. When you need a new set of stairs, contact Lavergne Home Renovations to meet your dream staircase needs. Upon inspection, they would check for any signs of neglect and then view the important features of the architecture. If you wish to keep your old existing one, they would reface it. If you choose not to, they would install a new one in its place. Stair Renovations in Ottawa Lavergne Renovations in Ottawa make it modern by removing old paint and applying new polish. Replace the banisters, railings, and posts with a new design to make it more beautiful and current. Then they'll reinforce the structure for use. Check to see it's safe by securing the threads. Your balustrade or railing will be examined and checked for no vulnerabilities to cause accidents or falls. For lighting, they would add new subtle LED lights to the steps. It should add beauty, and help improve safety for everyone. With a modernized look, it would help them stand out in your home. The builders will replace the poor quality materials with better quality materials for durability. For instance, swap laminated steps [...]