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Ottawa Home Renovations for Stairs

Your staircase should add beauty and grandeur to your home and be safe for your family. When you need a new set of stairs, contact Lavergne Home Renovations to meet your dream staircase needs. Upon inspection, they would check for any signs of neglect and then view the important features of the architecture. If you wish to keep your old existing one, they would reface it. If you choose not to, they would install a new one in its place. Stair Renovations in Ottawa Lavergne Renovations in Ottawa make it modern by removing old paint and applying new polish. Replace the banisters, railings, and posts with a new design to make it more beautiful and current. Then they'll reinforce the structure for use. Check to see it's safe by securing the threads. Your balustrade or railing will be examined and checked for no vulnerabilities to cause accidents or falls. For lighting, they would add new subtle LED lights to the steps. It should add beauty, and help improve safety for everyone. With a modernized look, it would help them stand out in your home. The builders will replace the poor quality materials with better quality materials for durability. For instance, swap laminated steps [...]

Ottawa Home Renovations for Basements

Every home has a lonely basement that's used for storage. With Ottawa Home Renovations, they'll provide you ideas on how to utilize that room and turn it into a productive space to entertain everyone. They would cater to your needs and accommodate you to offer you more living space. With a well-designed plan, it would be durable, a space to love and spend time with others. Basement Renovations in Ottawa Before the transformation to a stylish, cozy, and fun living space, they'll analyze the structure and deal with the workability of the materials for construction. Make sure it's structurally sound for the renovation. Then the inspection for the architectural design and the environment and verify the fixtures are installed in the right location. Add pro-insulation and moisture-resistant materials and install furring between the inner and outer walls. Finish with waterproofing the basement to prevent leaks and future flooding in your home. Let there be light in the dark and dim basement. Install small windows to provide you with natural light. A bright glow will make it a cheerful, secure and comfortable place to hang out. Brighten the walls and doors with new paint, and contribute ideas for furniture design. To have the basement [...]

Ottawa Home Renovations for Bathrooms

After a long workday, the bathroom can become the perfect tranquil oasis to relax and feel rejuvenated. So, if you're considering a renovation, Ottawa Home Renovations will help meet your dream bathroom needs. Whatever the size of your bathroom, OHR can make it practical and comfortable for your family. They'll provide a combination of natural light, design, well-placed artificial lighting, and the best fixtures and materials to last a long time. Lavergne Renovations in Ottawa will replace your existing bathroom or make it accessible for senior citizens. Add ventilation and lighting to your basement bathrooms, powder rooms, and your custom master ensuite bathrooms too. Check the pre-existing condition due to your home's age, inspect the walls for relocation to alter the layout, select the cabinets and finishes, and give your appliances a mechanical upgrade. Home Bathroom Renovations in Ottawa Whether you have a bathtub with a shower or a tub-to-shower conversion, Lavergne Renos will give you a perfect vanity with matching cabinetry and provide storage. First, OHR will removel and dispose of your vanity cabinet, countertop, the tiles, the mirror, the sink and faucet, the taps and showers and tub, the tile flooring, the tub's baseboard wall, the backboard and accessories  Inspect the [...]

Ottawa Home Renovations for the Kitchen

In every home, the kitchen is the center of family life, where you cook delicious meals and dine with your loved ones. When you consider renovating the kitchen, Ottawa Home Renovators can work in kitchens of any size, including an island kitchenette.  OHR will modernized every feature, replace outdated and damaged appliances, and make it look bright and lively with a fresh coat of paint. Whether you're a gourmet chef or a home cook with family and pets, consider your dream kitchen. It can be country style, a casual eat-in, or minimalist.  From cabinets to countertops, backsplashes, walls, floors, and lightning,  they give you a fully open concept to love and enjoy. Kitchen Renovation Experts in Ottawa Kitchen flooring should be durable, cushioned, provide warmth, and stylish. Choose from natural stone, wood, cork, and ceramic. Update your electrical and plumbing or have your wiring relocated to another area in the room.  Do you need a baking or a homework station, or an island with power outlets? Your stove can be electric or gas range. Have your cabinets and the doors custom-made to match your design. There are a variety of trims, finishes, and hardwood styles and colors like urban and 3-D Laminate. Woods [...]