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Why You Should Hire Renovation Experts in Ottawa For Your Next Project

You have some remodelling you would like done and you are thinking about doing it yourself.  DIY is a great way to learn about how a structure is built and how all the parts fit together.  You have seen it done on television and you have videos if you get into a jam.  Here are some things to think about. Time and Money If you have no hobbies or activities to occupy your time, if you don’t want to hang out with friends or family, or if there are no work demands, then you probably have the free time to devote to a project like a renovation.  Plan on it taking at least twice as long as you think, because you will run into snags. You are probably considering doing the project yourself to save money.  Do you have all the right tools?  If not, factor that cost into the price of the completed project.  Compare all the costs of materials and tools with the estimates you have received and decide if you are really saving money. Knowledge First, you need to decide if you understand the project and what to do if something goes wrong.  For example, if you pull up boards [...]

Summer House Maintenance Checklist

With summer the days are longer and the temperatures are more pleasant so it is a very good time to take care of some home maintenance tasks.  Some will take longer than others but crossing any of them off your to-do list will make you feel better. Exterior Cleaning Start at the top with the roof.  Canadian winters can be tough.  Check for any missing or damaged shingles or signs of mold.  Making a few repairs in the summer may prevent a nasty leak during the winter. Look at the paint and siding, particularly peeling paint or chips.  Pressure washing might be a good idea to give your home a facelift without a full paint job.  While you have that power washer out, use it on patios, driveways, and walkways. Heating and Air Conditioning Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is one of the key systems in your home.  Keep it running smoothly with some minor maintenance like changing the furnace filter.  If you have a window air conditioner, clean that filter also by following the manufacturer’s recommendations.  If you have any concerns, call a professional to have the system checked out. Windows A bucket of soapy water and sponges, and maybe a [...]

3 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

For the average person, owning a home is the largest investment they will make.  For that reason, it is important not only to maintain the property, but to help it increase in value.  Since popular neighbourhoods and the economy are not within your control, you should look toward home improvements. Kitchen and Bath Speak with a realtor and you will learn that one of the ways to get the most return on your remodelling money is by tackling kitchens and baths.  Since these are the rooms that take the most traffic and highest use, they are areas that will take the most attention from potential purchasers. Renovations don’t necessarily need to happen all at once.  Start with updating any fixtures like faucets and lighting.  Look at the vanities and countertops.  Swapping out worn tops or Formica with granite makes a huge impact as does new backsplashes.  In the bath, sleek, modern toilets make the whole room seem refreshed. Exterior This is one time you really want to keep up with the neighbours.  It is important that the outside of your home look attractive.  This will keep up property values in the vicinity and show that you take an interest in the community. If [...]