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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2020

If a kitchen remodel is in your near future and you are wondering what are the latest trends for 2020, here are some suggestions: Technology – Termed “smart kitchens,” there can be sensors everywhere from the faucets to your appliances.  Some refrigerators can even tell you when your supplies are running low. Color – White is passé.  For this year look for bold and dark colors for cabinetries.  If you feel it is too much for your taste, try just a pop of color to brighten and refresh the look. Storage – There are a lot of clever ways to conceal your appliances.  You can also explore new dividers for your drawers to keep things tidy.  Trays will roll out and there are caddies for your cookware. Flooring – Hardwood is back in style, or perhaps it never left.  Ceramic tile is less popular but with new designs it is still a mainstay for easy cleaning.  Some tile can even imitate hardwood, so you get the best of both worlds. Islands – The kitchen island can be the focal spot of the room.  They are now designed with more versatility and can be used to store appliances under their counters, seating for casual [...]

Ottawa Home Renovations for the Kitchen

In every home, the kitchen is the center of family life, where you cook delicious meals and dine with your loved ones. When you consider renovating the kitchen, Ottawa Home Renovators can work in kitchens of any size, including an island kitchenette.  OHR will modernized every feature, replace outdated and damaged appliances, and make it look bright and lively with a fresh coat of paint. Whether you're a gourmet chef or a home cook with family and pets, consider your dream kitchen. It can be country style, a casual eat-in, or minimalist.  From cabinets to countertops, backsplashes, walls, floors, and lightning,  they give you a fully open concept to love and enjoy. Kitchen Renovation Experts in Ottawa Kitchen flooring should be durable, cushioned, provide warmth, and stylish. Choose from natural stone, wood, cork, and ceramic. Update your electrical and plumbing or have your wiring relocated to another area in the room.  Do you need a baking or a homework station, or an island with power outlets? Your stove can be electric or gas range. Have your cabinets and the doors custom-made to match your design. There are a variety of trims, finishes, and hardwood styles and colors like urban and 3-D Laminate. Woods [...]